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Vedika here!

I am Bharatnatyam Artist. Along with it, I also welcomed various things as a part of my hobbies, along with active stage plays similar to filmmaking. I also have a ton of interest in history, especially art history, as it is closer to Indian Classical music and more

The Art is learned with Patience and Hardships.

Although one with enough patience can achieve many things but without hardships & constant practice, learning Bharatanatyam is just a hollow dream.

This type of dance practice takes a lot of time to learn. Many even spend years in its Tapasya, but as a superior talent and one of the children of the new generation, I have spent — years in training & as a result, I even get acknowledgment from superiors in my peers.


Although I love Bharatnatyam more than anything, I also love spending time on my other hobbies as a multipotentiality. I also find increasing my knowledge about art and art history interesting, along with other hobbies such as filmmaking, fashion, writing, and pottery/ceramic.

Scripts and Plays

I am very energetic and cinephile, even from my early stage of consciousness. But creating what I love was a euphoric experience. I started writing scripts for short movies, acted in school plays, directed those movies and sports, and I am currently writing a book.

My Journey

My parents supported me wholeheartedly in everything I wished to learn. Even at an early age, to increase my interest in the artistic industry, they encouraged me to learn Bharatnatyam from Kalagram Institution (Dubai)and then learn under Nalanda Institute.


To become an artist, I never feared the stage & tough competition and have performed and choreographed in multiple competitions, such as Dance India Dance (2014), Strikers (2016), Rangoli Gulf (2013), Garbha ni Ramjhat and Expo. In addition to multiple intra-school competitions, with volunteering in dance performances for school events and Bharatnatyam exams. I still find them very encouraging & essential for my development.

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Exploring Other Wonders!!
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I enjoy exploring other creative hobbies such as pottery. The tactile experience of shaping clay with my hands is therapeutic and rewarding. It's a great way to switch off and let my mind wander.

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Decoration & Design
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As a decorating enthusiast, I love exploring new ideas to spruce up my living space. From rearranging furniture to adding new decor items, I enjoy the creative process of transforming a room into a cozy and inviting haven.

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Where artist truly shines!
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As a dancer, creating choreography allows me to express myself in a unique way. I love exploring new movements and concepts, and seeing how they can come together to tell a story through dance. I think this is where artist truly shines!

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