Bharatanatyam The Gem of Indian Tradition

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Achievements can’t be bought with money!

As a Bharatnatyam artist, I have always felt words of praise closer than the appreciation amount. These Achievements mirror my years of hard work & I am proud of them. I still have a long way to go to achieve the most significant height of my potential!

Experience & Hard work

As we know, Bharatnatyam is similar to expressing emotions and feelings from the Dance(Natyam) & without many years of prior training; one cannot perform it with intricate footwork & graceful hand moments. Thus, each step in learning this Traditional art has brought me closer to my dream.

My Journey

As I said, I have learned Bharatnatyam from a very young age and have participated in many competitions and functions so I can polish my art & get acknowledgment from the people. Above is one of the videos from my young age when I gave my live performance in front of so many people!

Norway Timelapse
Norway Timelapse
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